Building Works

Construction, erection, restoration, repair, conversion, addition, layout, improvement or demolition of a building or part there of or affecting public safety, including earthmoving, foundation, formwork, formwork, reinforcement, masonry, masonry, walling flooring, insulation work, electromechanical installations, exterior work and fencing work.

Civil Works

Construction, erection, expansion, conversion or repair of civil engineering works not included in the construction works, such as road construction, bridges, tunnels, dams, sewers, port works, airports, sewerage, drainage, water supply and irrigation works, beach, quarry and mining projects, fields of various sports activities, separation of plots.

General Earthworks / C&D Material Recycling

General excavation and excavation of trenches in any terrain or subsoil including loading and unloading, slope landscaping, subsoiling and improvement of subsoil including transport, paving and compaction, recycling of excavation materials at their productions site with the use of a mobile jaw crusher, supply & transport of aggregates using proprietary mechanical means such as excavators, loaders, diggers, rollers, articulated trucks and trolleys, trucks and additional accessories such as breakers.


Demolition of structures and industrial units such as buildings, petroleum refining plants, storage and disposal of petroleum and LPG from materials such as reinforced concrete, building metal, timber, boulders, or any other material using specialized equipment such as breakers, aggregate crushers and scissors for cutting metal and reinforcement.

C&D Waste Management

Receival of Construction and Civil Works Solid Waste from Excavations, Constructions and Demolition and Pruning, in a privately owned licensed Waste Management and Treatment unit by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment: Department of Environment until 2016 achieving a high level of material recovery, recycling and reuse, minimizing the harmful effects on the environment.


Land development of residential housing and apartment complexes, with thermal-insulation materials for saving energy and environmental-friendly, for sale or rent.

Machinery And Materials Transportation

Machinery of all types using a low-floor trailer platform and transport of materials using articulated vehicles and / or trucks.